Environmental Risk Assessment

environmental risk assessmentEnvironmental risk assessments are a key component of many environmental regulatory decisions and are often mandated by regulators as part of the site evaluation process. The results of environmental risk assessments often drive the need for remedial actions and support the derivation of cleanup levels.

EWI’s environmental risk assessment staff has performed and critiqued multi-pathway risk assessments, and derived risk-based remediation goals for sites and facilities under a variety of federal and state regulatory frameworks.

EWI is experienced in providing environmental risk assessment services in the following areas:

  • Risk assessment strategy development and review
  • Comprehensive multi-pathway risk assessments
  • Probabilistic exposure assessments
  • Screening-level risk evaluations
  • Derivation of risk-based cleanup levels
  • Toxicity assessments and data evaluation
  • Research to address sources of uncertainty

A successful environmental risk assessment requires skills in many disciplines, including chemistry, physics, biology, ecology, geology, hydrology, and engineering. EWI associates have the skills to successfully manage the environmental risk assessment process to each client’s benefit.