Emergency Services

Emergency ServicesEWI’s Emergency Response program has been providing exceptional service since 1992. EWI has responded to spills ranging from 10 gallons of diesel fuel from an above-ground storage tank to thousands of gallons of hazardous materials. We know that each incident is different and requires fast, effective and complete response in order to reduce the environmental effects of the release.

Actions taken in the initial emergency response can drastically affect how the project proceeds. That’s where EWI’s experience and training comes into play, as shown below.

We can provide these services 24 hours/day, 7 days a week:

  • Highly trained and experienced Emergency Response Field Managers and Equipment Operators
  • Experienced consulting staff capable of acting as the liaison for agency contact, handling waste management, and completing the required reporting associated with a release
  • ER equipment available at a moment’s notice, including vacuum trucks, dump trucks, and excavation equipment
  • Remediation personnel with the expertise needed to plan and implement clean-up of a variety of materials

As the response proceeds, EWI can also move into long-term remediation that may be required by state or federal agencies. Our Site Restoration services are the natural extension of the response. While onsite for the response, we start planning the restoration which saves time and materials. EWI has successfully restored simple sites, such as pastureland, to more complex sites requiring replacement of existing drainage structures. EWI provides fast, effective response and restoration that minimizes impact to the environment while allowing an expedited reinstatement of services.