Environmental Management

Industrial PlantEnvironmental management is as common in today’s business as taxes and benefit programs. So why do so many companies take a reactive rather than proactive approach to environmental issues?

At EWI, we work side by side with our clients, helping you easily manage federal, state and local regulatory requirements. Whether it’s yearly emissions reporting, conforming to the Clean Water Act requirements or evaluating environmental risks of a real estate transaction, EWI is highly qualified to manage your compliance needs.

Regulated Management

If you have regulated material in a regulated environment, you need the comprehensive consulting experience that only comes from EWI’s 20+ years of environmental management, due diligence, site investigation and remediation. We’re not just consultants. We’re geologists, engineers, chemists, biologists, regulatory experts and industrial technicians – all prepared to help your business stay open and on-line.

Environmental management is a key part of any company’s success in today’s marketplace. The trick is finding an environmental management system (EMS) that works for your facility and for your specific compliance needs, while integrating with your existing operating framework.

Environmental Management Tailored by Size and Need

EWI partners with small, local facilities with only waste management responsibilities to multiple-location, heavily regulated facilities in the U.S. and Canada. Our approach is tailored to you. Count on us for total EMS implementation and operation or services on an as-needed basis, working with your EHS staff to complete program needs.

Our approach is tailored to you.

Simply put, we understand the process – start up to full-on operations – and we have the team and in-house tools in place to respond to your requests fast, efficiently, and accurately.

Developing and getting systems into place comes first. Then EWI can help you gain buy-in from the corporate office to the warehouse across one, dozens or multiple locations.