Virtual Task Manager


Virtual Task Manager

Redesigned from the ground up with a new look and more functionality with security built in from the start!

We’ve totally redesigned VTM from scratch and have improved its functionality, look, and security. We take the security of our client’s data and information very seriously, and our new VTM takes advantage of all the latest security and technology available. Click here to securely log in and view your user profile. If you don’t have a VTM account, contact us today for more information!

It never fails, the one document you need to complete your compliance obligation is the one that’s missing. When your paper filing system fails and you cannot produce necessary documentation required by regulators, you need Virtual Task Manager (VTM(™)).

Virtual Task Manager is a technology-rich compliance management software for the challenges of compliance reporting. Keeping compliance documents updated with all the environmental, facility maintenance, and health and safety records for your organization can be daunting. VTM minimizes these challenges with one comprehensive web-based software tool.


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While Fishing for Efficiency, We Landed a Powerful Software Program

Bass Pro Shops needed a better way to track maintenance records from multiple retail sites and manufacturing facilities across a large geographic area. There was nothing on the market that fit the bill. EWI developed from scratch a compliance tracking and management software program for them: Virtual Task Manager.

That was over 10 years ago, and VTM remains a compliance software leader. Today, VTM is still a contemporary powerhouse of highly accessible, intuitive, easy-to-use software tools specifically designed to keep your compliance data accurate and safe.

A Big Software Solution for a Big Pond of Compliance

Petroleum companies, manufacturing facilities and major international retailers all subscribe to VTM for one reason because it streamlines and simplifies compliance processes including how they manage environmental, maintenance, health & safety and material safety data sheet (M/SDS) obligations

Compliance reporting isn’t a new requirement for most companies. What is new is the ever-expanding need for on-demand document tracking, history and reporting. Your business can’t afford to shut down while you struggle to find your compliance reports or fall behind on regulatory inspection requirements. For those who need technology-rich, web-based compliance tracking software, there is Virtual Task Manager (VTM(™)) from EWI.

Keep Track of and Manage Your Most Fundamental Tasks

Stop drowning in a sea of compliance paperwork. Let VTM give you a hand so you’re always ready for regulators and current with inspections. It puts compliance records, documentation and certifications right at your fingertips. With automated alerts reminding you when inspections are due, VTM manages your compliance program protecting it from needless scrutiny.

  • Web-based access across the entire enterprise
  • Easy to use, search and export data
  • Email reminders alert you of inspections with forms attached for completion
  • Keep permits current and accessible with just a click
  • Customizable to meet your compliance needs and inspection schedules

Stay on Top of Compliance with Technology That’s Ahead of Its Time

VTM is powerful, web-based software with an easy-to-navigate, intuitive menu. With VTM, managers and operators can take a proactive approach to compliance instead of playing catch up of falling behind.

  • Customizable to your unique compliance re quirements
  • Set alerts and receive reminders for deadlines, inspections, reports and warnings
  • Store documents for plant or store operations
  • Record DOT requirements, time reports and maintenance records
  • Store and retrieve safety data sheets
  • Document safety training in a timely manner
  • Share information enterprise-wide using web-based software
  • Export data to use with internal operations data

Trusted Support and Security

Compliance is serious business with serious consequences, requiring a serious time investment to manage manually. VTM does it in seconds what once took hours and days. And it’s backed by our trusted support and security.

  • Backups daily at two offsite locations for data and files security
  • Get ongoing training, maintenance, technical and upgrade support from EWI’s in-house experts