Remediation Services

environmental remediationSince 1992, EWI has been providing the complete spectrum of investigation and environmental remediation services to private companies and government. Our experience includes a broad range of site conditions, innovative technologies, and a long list of sites that have been successfully remediated.

We focus on rapid identification of the extent of contamination in soil, sediment, surface water, or ground water as applicable. We are experienced in developing and interpreting remedial action levels for hazardous constituents addressed by different regulatory programs. This helps us develop very focused environmental remediation strategies that concentrate on the contaminants and media of concern so that study time and dollars are minimized.

…an outstanding reputation.

We pride ourselves on taking a practical approach to site investigations and moving the project into the remedial action phase as quickly as possible if that step is warranted. Our demonstrated success in understanding our clients’ needs and in applying sound scientific, engineering, economic, and management skills at a variety of sites and diverse facilities has earned EWI an outstanding reputation.

Our philosophy is to combine industry-proven technology with innovative thinking intended to address cumulative risk. This approach allows EWI to implement highly targeted cleanup designs, which are further supported through risk-based corrective action (RBCA). We have accelerated hundreds of regulatory closures – e.g. state Voluntary Cleanup Programs, Underground Storage Tanks, Brownfields, etc. – through risk-based applications, which ultimately result in cost-effective and timely solutions for our clients.

Cleanup Technologies

EWI applies a systematic process to evaluate the appropriate cleanup technology and remedial design. This process weighs several critical factors including extent of impact, geological conditions, proven effectiveness, regulatory acceptance, and overall cost. EWI offers direct experience with various remedial technologies based on these selection criteria:

  • In-situ injections / bioremediation
  • Chemical blending with soil
  • Product recovery & source removal
  • Pump and treat
  • Soil vapor extraction / air sparging
  • Chemical soil stabilization
  • Soil encapsulation

System Design & Installation

EWI is able to coordinate and implement all phases of environmental remediation, from initial planning to system operation and maintenance. We routinely provide the following resources and services in support of an extensive portfolio of client, EPA, and state oversight projects:

  • Cleanup alternative studies
  • Product recovery / interim removal plans
  • Professional staff for system design and field oversight
  • Field crews, technicians, and equipment operators for field implementation

System Operations & Maintenance

EWI maintains personnel and equipment specifically dedicated to environmental remediation system operations and maintenance. Related services include routine groundwater monitoring, maintenance of dedicated field equipment, and oversight of specific technical indicators, such as recovery and treatment volumes. In addition, EWI continually works to optimize treatment systems to enhance remedy cost-effectiveness.

Remediation Technology

Using innovative environmental remediation technology to characterize a site saves our clients a substantial amount of money—millions of dollars in future remediation costs on some projects. They also allow us to better assess projects and develop strategies without the guesswork.