Environmental Services

Compete In-House Environmental Consulting, Field Services & Technology. Environmental Works, so you can worry less.

Be in Compliance

This one word can strike fear for many in business and industry over lost productivity or worse, business closure. For others compliance is simply a matter of doing business; a requirement that is less intimidating when proactively managed.

For those who worry that compliance, no matter how strictly managed, can put their business at risk there is Environmental Works (EWI), the one company that can help you manage environmental compliance with confidence.

Be Confident in Decisions

In today’s environmentally sensitive economy, business managers want to know they are taking every precaution possible to protect the environment and their business. That’s why the region’s most recognizable companies call on EWI for expert environmental consulting and contracting services since 1992.

EWI has geologists, engineers, chemists, biologists, regulatory experts, industrial technicians, heavy equipment operators, drillers, spill responders, emergency technicians and business productivity experts – all under one roof. It takes that depth of knowledge and experience to truly provide comprehensive environmental consulting and field services.

Be Productive and Profitable

There are no better words to describe EWI’s competitive advantage in protecting our clients from lost productivity and profitability. When a manufacturing line shut down, a plant is closed or an environmental catastrophe occurs, speed is everything.

EWI’s expertise in consulting has prepared our clients’ in the best way possible to minimize the impact of environmental disruptions. But when field services must be called in, our clients benefit from knowing our skilled engineers and operators are standing by anytime to take over and correct any situation.