New Sonic Drilling Rig Goes to Work

Posted by Greg Katski on April 15, 2019


Cherokee Pass, MO – It was a cool, breezy morning in mid-March. Environmental Works Inc.’s brand new GeoProbe sonic drilling rig was in place and the drill positioned to break ground on a well site that had been giving our drilling team issues for years. They had been to the site at least once a […]

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Used Oil Management FAQs

Posted by Environmental Works on October 1, 2015

Anyone who works with used oil knows how important it is to handle the resource carefully and dispose of it safely. The RCRA used oil management standards provide the guidelines you need, though it is important to note that requirements vary by state and your state’s rules may be stricter than those of the RCRA. In […]

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What to Do in the Event of a Petroleum Spill

Posted by Environmental Works on June 1, 2015

Although petroleum has been an extremely useful and powerful global resource since the early 20th century, it has also been the cause of great losses to the environment. An accidental petroleum spill can cause severe short-term effects, like the endangerment and destruction of plants and wildlife, as well as tragic long-term impacts, like the devastation […]

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What Is an Environmental Management System?

Posted by Environmental Works on May 2, 2015

Organization is a key component of any successful business, but it’s especially crucial when you’re dealing with environmental compliance issues. How will you keep important documents organized and ready for an unannounced site inspection by a regulatory agency? How will you remind your staff of the tasks they need to complete before the due date for compliance? […]

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What Is a Brownfield Project?

Posted by Environmental Works on March 20, 2015

These days, if you want to build a new structure, it’s likely that you’ll be building it where another structure once stood. Recycling the land is important, of course, but if you’re building on a former industrial or commercial site, there is always a chance that the site is environmentally contaminated. In other words, you […]

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